More Changes

Hahah okay I swear this is THEEEEEE last time I make this announcement. I can be so indecisive sometimes though. Okay so I’m finally going in the direction I wanted to a few months ago and decided to start all over.

While mid-day spritzer is a lifestyle fashion blog, it’s really a place where I just write about whatever I feel like, post those random pics from my iphone and lust over things that I probably shouldn’t buy. I created LIFESTYLE FINESSE as a more professional outlet where I could connect with business and people as well for building my clientele. Business and pleasure so to speak. Once again I would reallllly appreciate if you guys could continue all the great love and support over at lifestyle finesse because some of the outfits I post on here may or may not be over there and vice versa, and I promise you this is the last time I will be changing blogs. It has been a crazy past few months and I tend to dabble in too much at times!

If you could also like me on Facebook? I would love you forever! I just created my PAGE today, also I’m always so happy to read some of your tweets and see what you are up to on instagram so let’s continue the party over there too shall we! Why stop there right. I have a new youtube channel as welllllllll. Okay that is all!


On Friday’s We Wear Blue


Friday is finally here, this week seemed like it just flew by! I didn’t sleep too well last night, I woke up feeling exhausted, which is odd because I did get about 7.5 hours of sleep last night. It’s casual Friday today at the office and I wanted to be comfortable, especially since I’m so tired.

I threw on my favorite Vera Wang jeans, my goodness these jeans are not only soft, but they are stretchy. I’ve got some serious thigh action going on if you can’t tell from my posts ;) but these hug them perfectly in a way that I am comfortable. Some of my jeans do nothing for my legs but I am a firm believer in paying for quality…. when you can’t find it on sale of coarse!  Light jeans, a light blue shirt and some white pumps make for a perfect outfit in this capricious weather. I I’m wearing a silver headband and some silver studs. I went easy on the jewels today.

Happy Friday lovelies.

Ps. I feel a shopping splurge coming on, does anyone else feel like they black out when they shop? I’m really excited to go on round 3 of trying to find the perfect boots for fall, I will also be looking for a nice over sized tan sweater and a gray infinity scarf. However it is Friday the 13th so the shopping guru’s may not be on my side today. Wish me luck!


Shirt- H&M
Jean- Vera Wang
Shoes- Rock&Republic
Jewels- Boston Store