More Changes

Hahah okay I swear this is THEEEEEE last time I make this announcement. I can be so indecisive sometimes though. Okay so I’m finally going in the direction I wanted to a few months ago and decided to start all over.

While mid-day spritzer is a lifestyle fashion blog, it’s really a place where I just write about whatever I feel like, post those random pics from my iphone and lust over things that I probably shouldn’t buy. I created LIFESTYLE FINESSE as a more professional outlet where I could connect with business and people as well for building my clientele. Business and pleasure so to speak. Once again I would reallllly appreciate if you guys could continue all the great love and support over at lifestyle finesse because some of the outfits I post on here may or may not be over there and vice versa, and I promise you this is the last time I will be changing blogs. It has been a crazy past few months and I tend to dabble in too much at times!

If you could also like me on Facebook? I would love you forever! I just created my PAGE today, also I’m always so happy to read some of your tweets and see what you are up to on instagram so let’s continue the party over there too shall we! Why stop there right. I have a new youtube channel as welllllllll. Okay that is all!


Casual Today


Normally I’m not a huge fan if jeans but today I was willing to make an accept ion. Doing happy hour with a few friends after work today and I didn’t really feel like dressing up, here’s to proof that a great necklace can make any outfit that much more tres chic!

Tank- Forever 21
Sweater- Macy’s
Jeans- sooo old idk
Jewels- Forever 21


Peplum on Pattern

These are probably my favorite pants everrrrr, they get a lot of wear and they are super comfy! So thankful I stalked Khols until they were back in stock. I really love JLO’s line of clothing there so between her Vera and Rock & Republic Khols keeps me looking classy chic on and off the clock. Check out the link I have to the right and see what you can find on today! They always have amazing deals so check back often!


Top- Burlington
Pants- Khols
Shoes- Discovery
Necklace- Burlington


Beautiful Day!

It’s a beautiful day out! I am so happy that the sun is shining the birds are chirping and everything seems to be coming up roses. I’m leaving for Mexico tomorrow so this time my reason for not posting will be justified. I also decided to pursue a different venture so the stress of the studio is finally off my shoulders! It was great but I think I can do something even bigger and better, here’s to new challenges! :)

See you in a week!


Harem Pants

These little beauties sure do get a lot if wear. I have a pair in black and burgundy but to be honest I like these the best. This is definitely and outfit repeat. I added a belt this time around and accessories differently. If I had yellow earrings this would have been perf. How do you guys feel about harem pants? It wasn’t really a trend that caught on but as fbloggers do we like it well enough to keep it around for a while? My vote is yes!




Top- JC Penny
Pants- Jennifer Lopez for Khols
Shoes- DSW


Grand Opening

Our grand opening was a huge success! Per usual I wore black with a hint of blue I went with gold accessories to make a bold statement and blue because it exudes confidence. Now would have been the perfect time to be super stylish but black is comfortable and I didn’t have to worry about getting anything on my dress.

IMG_8984 IMG_8972 IMG_8971


I went with the idea that less is more, I had spiked gold earrings and decided that I didn’t want a statement necklace for this event. I promise I will be blogging more once again when things start to fall into place! I have just been all over the place lately!


Building the Foundation: lifestyle practices for a healthy life

Originally posted on HEALTHYfashionista:

Establishing a foundation of healthy practices is the key to feeling optimal.

 Exercise  has endless benefits for the mind and body and it increases brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF).  BDNF is a protein in the brain that helps to support the survival of neurons and encourages growth and differentiation of new neurons and synapses.  What this translates to is an increased capacity to learn, higher cognitive function, and better long-term memory.  Exercise increases energy, enhances cognitive function, and increases your metabolism.  Seems like there is no excuse to get out there!

Diet  In naturopathic medicine we look at food as one of the best ways to prevent, treat, and even reverse disease.  Food is very powerful medicine and can have dramatic effects on the mind & body.

Sleep not getting enough of it can lead to some serious health issues and impair our ability to learn, our memory, mood, decrease our…

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Corporate Chic



This was taken a few weeks ago but I’m finally posting it! How I beat the cold is to take a few pictures on the weekend and release them slowly so don’t worry I wasn’t out here when it was below! :) Today’s looks is corporate chic, this was categorized as an AM look on my Nine and Five Fashion blog. I’m wearing a long sleeve shirt with a dress then I added the sweater and a fur vest. Us wisconsinites have to stay fashionable even during the cold snowy weather!

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