Office Chic

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Mine was filled with some great realizations about life. It’s like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulder and I feel happy! :) Not that I wasn’t before, this is a different kind. I have a really good feeling about this year and I have some surprises for you guys soon!

Today’s look features my favorite pants that I wear just about once every two weeks haha. Outfit repeater? That’s me! I love patterns, I added some turquoise for some arm candy to give this look a little pop of color but the pattern along with the bow top is what makes me feel so office chic. Girly but I still mean business.

Look out for a new video post tonight as well as a special post tomorrow! Also I colored my hair last night! Being brave and trying a whole new color! :)




Top: Thrifted
Pants: Jennifer Lopez for Khols
Shoes: Rampage
Bracelet: Charlotte Russe


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12 comments on “Office Chic

  1. I love those pants! I love the cut and would totally wear them all the time too. Outfit repeating is where it’s at, if you ask me. glad you had a good weekend!! Looking forward to your surprises!!

  2. Um those pants are amazing! So chic!

  3. Aww really love this look very cute and chic babe!

  4. another really chic outfit. I love the trousers, I really want some like that but can’t find any anywhere in the UK

    • Jodi-Kay E. says:

      Have you tried looking online? Good luck I wish I knew I’ve been looking for more for myself lol. They come and go! I’ll keep an eye out and send you a link if I come across any that ship to the UK.

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