Pink w/ Gold Accents

It is sooooo cold here! I should have moved away when I had the chance because this weather is ridiculous. There is a meme going around that says “It’s 25 degrees in Antarctica” while we’re over here going to work when it’s negative 11. Rhonda did read a good 2 degrees today but she was in the garage.

Today’s ootd is a color I don’t wear enough of! Pink. I got this cardigan from a friend she was going to donate it and I snatched it right up. I also found a pink blazer the other day while thrifting (Siri just tried to change that to thrusting she gets a tad inappropriate at times). Thinking about doing a video update soon. A fashion vid is well over due. :)




Cardigan- Friended
Top- H&M basic
Shoes- discovery


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6 comments on “Pink w/ Gold Accents

  1. It is SO COLD! I totally understand your pain! It’s 30 degrees right now, which feels like spring weather. I love your color blocked sweater and matching necklace. Stay warm!

  2. Jules says:

    very cute! thank god it warmed up a little down here.

  3. Will the cold never end?! It feels like it never will end…nor will the snow- and why is Siri so sassy in 2014?? Anyway, love pink of you! You should wear it more often!!

  4. Cute outfit! I’ve been a hermit for the past several days bc the cold weather and I don’t mix lol

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