More Changes

Hahah okay I swear this is THEEEEEE last time I make this announcement. I can be so indecisive sometimes though. Okay so I’m finally going in the direction I wanted to a few months ago and decided to start all over.

While mid-day spritzer is a lifestyle fashion blog, it’s really a place where I just write about whatever I feel like, post those random pics from my iphone and lust over things that I probably shouldn’t buy. I created LIFESTYLE FINESSE as a more professional outlet where I could connect with business and people as well for building my clientele. Business and pleasure so to speak. Once again I would reallllly appreciate if you guys could continue all the great love and support over at lifestyle finesse because some of the outfits I post on here may or may not be over there and vice versa, and I promise you this is the last time I will be changing blogs. It has been a crazy past few months and I tend to dabble in too much at times!

If you could also like me on Facebook? I would love you forever! I just created my PAGE today, also I’m always so happy to read some of your tweets and see what you are up to on instagram so let’s continue the party over there too shall we! Why stop there right. I have a new youtube channel as welllllllll. Okay that is all!


Casual Today


Normally I’m not a huge fan if jeans but today I was willing to make an accept ion. Doing happy hour with a few friends after work today and I didn’t really feel like dressing up, here’s to proof that a great necklace can make any outfit that much more tres chic!

Tank- Forever 21
Sweater- Macy’s
Jeans- sooo old idk
Jewels- Forever 21


Work Grunge



Decided to take a little edginess into the office today. I find myself slipping into a new style lately it fits me and I really like it. Anyone else find themselves trying something new lately?

Blazer- Vivienne Tam
Shirt- JC Penny
Jeans- Rock & Republic
Shoes- Aldo


Peplum on Pattern

These are probably my favorite pants everrrrr, they get a lot of wear and they are super comfy! So thankful I stalked Khols until they were back in stock. I really love JLO’s line of clothing there so between her Vera and Rock & Republic Khols keeps me looking classy chic on and off the clock. Check out the link I have to the right and see what you can find on today! They always have amazing deals so check back often!


Top- Burlington
Pants- Khols
Shoes- Discovery
Necklace- Burlington


Spring into Action

Sick of all my bad spring puns, oh just you wait. Today’s outfit was made out of sheer laziness (another bad pun) my sheer blazer actually inspired me to put these together and since the snow has finally melted I was more than happy to break out the white pumps to complete today’s look. Don’t forget to find me on ig! #jodikayedwards I get a lot of my inspiration from you guys!



Blazer- Discovery
Pencil Skirt- Target
Shoes- Rock & Republic


Pink & Polka Dots

One thing that I love about Spring are all the wonderful colors, about a year ago I decided to do a color challenge which helped me to mix and match various colors therefor creating a brighter wardrobe. I was always one of those black brown and cream wearing girls, it was comfortable and chic. Now here I am a year later still playing with patterns prints and bold colors!





Blazer- Thrifted
Shirt- Khols
Skirt- Target


Spring for Florals

While it’s far from Spring over here I’m still starting to bring out the warmer clothes. I had originally paired this too with some mustard pants but it was almost too bright. Even after I typed that I checked myself, yes too bright! Ahh winter what have you done to me!!


Top: Buckle
Jeans: Elle
Jewels: Charming Charlie


Kendra’s Night Out Challenge

The other day I was invited to participate in a fun challenge for Kendra Thornton PR maeven and travel extroidanaire. Kendra is traveling to Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Orlando using Gogobot for her travel plans. She mentioned that for the many attractions she would be attending with her family that she wanted to be comfortable, yet glamorous. Using my wardrobe styling knowledge I would put Kendra into the Light Spring category, a lighter color palette of pale pinks, nudes, teals, creams and corals with a splash of color. After doing a basic Google search I did see that she has been photographed in the opposite, blacks, royal blues, and deep purples. The great thing about fashion is we can usually wear what we please, however when looking to be the best version of ourselves starting with the right colors will naturally give us that little pop! While Kendra looks great in all of the colors listed above I went with a lighter color palette with the occasional dark color tossed in here and there.

Kendra mentioned three specific activities that she will be attending. The Wildlife Express Train, Kilimanjaro Safari and a meet and greet with Goofy! How exciting! I also included a few more styles that she can add to her lookbook for other outings that she didn’t mention but I just assumed dinner and a night even would be included.

“We’re headed to Orlando to experience Disney’s Animal Kingdom park. There are a ton of rides, but I think my kids are most looking forward to the Wildlife Express Train. You can ride on a locomotive that goes through areas of Harambe, which is set in a scenario unique to Africa while also heading out to Rafiki’s Planet Watch. My kids love The Lion King, so I’m certain they’re going to love this ride.”

“I am actually looking forward to going on the Kilimanjaro Safari. This attraction actually seats you on an open-air safari vehicle that heads into the African outback. There are 34 different species of African wildlife at the park, which actually roam free in parts of the park. Last but not least, we’re definitely going to check out the Goofy & Pluto in DinoLand meet and greet. Kids get to dig around with their favorite Disney characters in hopes of finding treasures. I know my kids will love this because they love to cause a mess sometimes.”

Wildlife Express Train

Wild Life Express

Kilimanjaro Safari: Open-air safari vehicle that heads into the African outback.

Safari Ride

Goofy & Pluto in Dino Land meet & greet: Messy & fun!

Meet & Greet

Day to Night

Casual Glamour

*Kendra’s personalized piece

Dressy Dinner

Dressy Dinner

Casual Dinner

Casual Dinner Wear

Casual Dinner 2


My fashion inspiration for Kendra’s Dressy Dinner wear was from none other than the lovely Carly Cristman. I decided that Kendra would benefit most from a casual glamour dress code for this trip. When traveling with little ones it’s hard to get dolled up everyday so I decided that a good foundation of Kendra’s to pack list should be basics and from there glam it up with accessories.

You can follow Kendra on twitter @KendraThornton.

Also to stay up to date on what I’m doing and styling follow me on twitter and instagram! @jodikayedwards #jodikayedwards

See the full fashion board here! Kendra’s Night Out Challenge: Polyvore and don’t forget to check out Gogobot for your next travel plans, I might actually used them for my June trip to LA!